Negativity Detox Session

Negativity Detox

Winter has been so long and so unrelenting.  It is very easy to submit to the stress and negativity that the seemingly unending cold and dreariness can bring about. But why let it? Why put a damper on the happiness and peace you deserve to feel. With spring soon approaching, viagra allow yourself to let the stress and negativity melt away.

I would like to offer you a free personalized one-hour Negativity Detox Coaching Session. 


stuff in this negativity detox session, medical we will:

  • Uncover your individual stressors and negativity triggers 
  • Develop concrete strategies to move past these stressors and combat negativity.
  • Put YOU back in control of YOUR happiness

By the end of this session, you will feel refreshed,  energized, and equipped with techniques and strategies to move away from negativity and towards a happier state of being. 


I am currently offering 3 sessions per week. Sessions are typically conducted Sunday mornings (9:00-12:00) via Skype. For those living in Montreal (or the surrounding area), I will also be offering in-person sessions, Saturday mornings at 11:00 am.  If you would like to book a negativity detox session for a different time or day, contact me, and we will see what can be arranged.

Click the button below to book an appointment that best fits your schedule.  By booking a free negativity detox session, you are under no obligation to purchase a session. 

To receive services you must be over 18 years old and a US or Canadian Resident.  

Note: You should receive an email in your inbox shortly after booking. If you do not,  please check your Spam/ Junk folder in case the email was delivered there instead of to your inbox. If so, select the email and mark it as “Not Spam.” This should allow future messages to get to your inbox.

I will then contact you in the briefest delays to confirm the time and date that you chose.